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Plant Reform of Capacity Increase and Anti-cavitation

Cooperating with several professors, such as Du Tong, Zhang Lida, Yu Bo from Sichuan Institute of Technology (now called Xihua University ), we have successfully performed capacity increase and anti-cavitation reforming for many plants and help to make better profit!

To raise anti-cavitation capability and reduce vibration, we can develop appropriate flow passage of turbines for reformation( no matter severe caviation or lack of output) to improve cavitation performance( lifespan extended 2-3 times) and increase output(increase of 5%--20% for the plant with enough water flow).

And this technique does not necessarily change the embedded parts and hydraulic structure, and only the distributor, runner and draft tube elbow need changing. Examined by the specialists, this kind of technique is considered to an application with high content of science and technology and remarkable economic effect. And it is in the lead in mini hydro industry in China . And it can be generalized in China for it is mature. In May of 2000, it passed the provincial appraisal in Sichuan , and won the 2 nd place in 2000 Chengdu Science and Technology Advancement Awards.

Application example:

1 Dazhai Power Plant H=180m, NG=8300KW changed to DT8-110 turbine, capacity increased to NG=11700, and abrasion is removed.

2 Lvshuihe Power Plant H=320m, NG=15000KW, with high content of silt, severe cavitation of turbine. After technical reforming, the turbine is changed to DT19—140. After 2 flooding seasons of operation, the runner became smooth and no abrasion occurs.




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