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Microcomputer-based SCR Excitation Cabinet



1) Properties:
A Microcomputer controlled, LCD in Chinese, reliable and practical;
B Fast response speed, and good dynamic and static performance;
C With over-current protection for rotor;
D Temperature monitoring and alarming for power elements, and can effectively monitor the operation of power elements;
E Displaying of phase shift angle and detecting of trigger pulse;
F Online detection for SCR and discover and deal faults in time;
G Detecting, controlling, adjusting device and triggering are microcomputer digitalized, with high precision of phase shift, small drift and good stability;
H Equipped with microcomputer serial communication interface, can meet the need of raising automation level of plant;
I New structure, easy replacement and maintenance.

2) Main technical performance:
A Response time of excitation voltage: rise <0.1s fall <0.15s
B Adjusting ratio of generator voltage < 1%
C Rejection of rated load, excessive adjusting amount <15 - 20 % , adjusting time < 5 s, oscillation not over 3 - 5 times
D No-load voltage setting range, automatic 80 - 120%, manual 80 - 130%(downward extension of 30%).
E Setting range for difference-adjusting coefficient: 10%

3) Operating mode:
Manual operation: manually operated phase shift angle of SCR to adjust excitation current.
Functions under manual operation:
A No-load constant terminal voltage operation
B No-load network voltage tracking (alternative)
C Constant power factor operation (alternative)
D Constant reactive load operation (alternative)

E Operation at set difference-adjusting ratio

4 ) Auxiliary function of excitation adjuster:
A 1.1 times over-excitation limit ( upper limit of excitation current)
B Forced excitation limit
C Under-excitation limit
D No-load over-voltage and low frequency protection


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