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JX-G Control Cabinet

Product Descriptions

Of Integrated Control Cabinet for Mini Hydropower Unit


The integrated control cabinet shall be used completed with the small hydropower unit. It has the functions of generator parameters collection display, voltage control easy & convenient, frequency control and synchronization operation, and the operation is simple.

. Functions

Generator parameter collection display: the control cabinet has the function of collecting and displaying the line voltage, line current, power, power factor and frequency of generator. All meters shall be equipped on the display face plate of control cabinet. Connection diagram shall be shown in the main circuit diagram of integrated control.

. Line control of generator: the line voltage of generator shall be adjusted by the magnetic rheostat that is equipped on the control cabinet. Change the generator excitation current by regulating the magnetic rheostat manually and control the line voltage of generator.

. Frequency control: frequency of the output voltage of generator shall be automatically controlled by the electronic load controller that is equipped in the cabinet. Frequency measurement link of electronic load controller shall measure the frequency of the output voltage of generator, convert to the DC voltage (frequency-measured voltage). Frequency set link shall supply a reference DC voltage (frequency-given voltage) as the compared reference. Comprehensive link shall compare the frequency-measured voltage and frequency-given voltage, output the deviation voltage. PID link shall do PID operation for the deviation voltage. The output voltage shall be used in controlling the angle of flow of the solid-state relay, so as to control the magnitude of false load. Proportional feedback link shall respond the output voltage of PID link to the comprehensive link, realize the differential adjustment on the electronic load controller for controlling the load distribution between the parallel units.

. Unit protection: when the user load is greater or the line current is greater by the line short circuit, the air switch QF shall trip out automatically for avoiding to damage the generator by over-current. At the same time, close the auxiliary contacts of QF, electrify the coils of contactor KM1, input the spare false load for preventing runaway. On the special conditions, if the output voltage of generator is over higher, YJ contacts of the over voltage relay shall close, electrify the coils of contactor KM1 shall put into the spare false load for preventing runaway .

. Work Conditions

Relative humidity: £ 85% (at 25 ° C)

Height above sea level: £ 2000m

Ambient temperature: - 20 ° C ~ + 40 ° C

Working temperature: no electricity-conducted dust, no corrosion and exploded gas, no acutely vibration and the perpendicularity gradient not more than 5 o .

. Basic Parameters

Rated capacity 10、15、20、25、30、35、40、50、55、64、75、90、100kW

Magnetic rheostat: BC-1

Frequency-set range: 45 ~ 55 Hz or 55~65Hz

PID link:

Proportional coefficient Kp: 0 ~ 20

Integral time constant Ti: 0 ~ 20s

Differential time constant Td: 0 ~ 10s

Permanent speed different coefficient bp: 0 ~ 10%



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