Application Example 1


1. Parameter of Plant Design head 20m Design flow 0 .15m3 /S Total installed capacity 2 0KW

2. Turbine parameter Type GD-WZ-30 Structure type horizontal shaft extension tubular Runner diameter 30 cm Design head 20m Design flow 0 .15m3 /S Turbine output 23.2KW Turbine prototype efficiency 79% Cavitation coefficient of turbine 0.15 Suction height of turbine: Hs<10-(0.15+0.07)x20-2000/900=3.3m

3. Generator Type STC-20 Voltage 3-phase 400V Rated current 36.1A Rated capacity 20KW/25KVA Generator efficiency 86% Frequency 50Hz Speed 1500rpm. Power factor 0 .8

4. Excitation device Type third harmonic excitation Excitation voltage 80V Excitation current 10A

5. Overall control cabinet Type JX-G-20 Rated capacity 20kw

6. Electric load adjuster Type DF-20/3 Capacity 20kw Frequency variation <1% Heating tube 2kw/piece 24 pieces in all

7. Butterfly valve Type D341X-10-400 Drive mode gear worm and worm, manual Diameter Ф 400mm Nominal pressure over 1 .0mpa Total price for the whole set 46,000 Yuan RMB only.

Design head of plant 97m   Design flow of plant 5.0m 3 /S   Flow for each turbine 2.5m 3 /S    Total installed capacity 2 × 2000 KW


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